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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Friday, March 05, 2021

If you`ve are in a long-running emotional relationship, it may need a minor shake up. If you`re hanging on too much for security, then you could feel a little unsettled. But on the other hand, if you can let a blast of fresh air blow through, then you will feel much happier. If you are truthful you will admit you want more independence. But don`t go a step too far. Your feelings are fairly intense at the moment, either on or right off.
You`ll probably be wanting to flirt, so there could be a new admirer who is catching your eye. Definitely this a time to look for new experiences, anything that`s original, experimental and a bit inspired. Socially you are on top form, charming the birds off the trees and feeling extremely popular. Expert at saying what you think will please, you should be the flavour of the moment. Just try to be true to what you really think or feel.

You could be a touch excitable or even impatient with loved ones. Perhaps you feel they are too quiet, and you really want mates who are on the edge of their toes. If you can make partners waken up, then everybody will have a great deal more fun. So you need to be flexible. Though really most of the time you are tending to throw your emotional needs into work. Others find you pre-occupied at times and move away so remember to stay charming.
If you`ve been feeling you needed to add a little sparkle and more fun to your closest relationship, then get cracking. Waken up anything that has become dull and routine. Just try not to hang onto the status quo for security. If you take a risk and open up to life, then something rather exciting could be round the corner. Your naturally sunny temperament will keep you popular. Just put on a great performance, entertain everyone in sight, and the applause will roll in.

The planets sometimes give you a feeling that you want excitement, to have thrills. Then in two or three days time you look back and wish you hadn`t been quite so impulsive. So you have to watch that you`re not going over the score. Remember you are more sensitive and emotional than usual. A happy, peaceful family and domestic existence is what you really need. Try not to over react, and feel hurt by a slight whiff of criticism.
The day combines love and affection with sudden surprises. So you can expect the unexpected. You will want stimulation and sparkle though you won`t always know what`s coming. Just keep chatting and keep moving. Who cares if it`s erratic and unpredictable. At least it will not be boring. The everyday people in your life will be the most appreciative and supportive. So keep in touch with neighbours, friends and work mates.

It should be a bright, breezy and bouncy day. You`re looking for things that get you away from the ordinary, that aren`t going to tie you into boring ruts and routines. Just don`t let emotional whims send you off spending too much on the spur of the moment. Certainly you want more beautiful things around you. Maybe you are trying to compensate just a touch for a lack you feel elsewhere. But don`t muddle love and money otherwise you`ll end up unbalancing the budget.
Whatever tensions there have been in your emotional or family life may come out into the open. But that is all to the good because they will set you free and allow you to follow your own whims. So even if your first instinct is to act as the peacemaker, remember that honesty is also a good idea. Stand up for your rights but do it tactfully. Your natural charm will be working wonders. Clearly your popularity rating is high.

This day can be a little bit disruptive. It`s a bit roller-coaster, switching on and switching off your emotions. Maybe sending you off to spend money like mad. But just as suddenly you may wish you hadn`t bothered. OK so you are feeling just a touch isolated or under-appreciated at the moment. But there really is no need. Try to enjoy the quiet times since it will not last long.
Clearly this is not a good time for doing anything sensible and too routine. You will want that rather electrical quality in life which puts all the neon lights on. Luckily your wonderful knack of putting others at their ease, will make you more than welcome wherever you go. But you will be demanding elbow room and choice. You want to circulate and stay in the swing. You will run a mile at the first whiff off possessiveness.

The day should not provide any problems because there is much fun-loving energy. The only slight downside is that it rattles the bars of the cage in possessive relationships. Ignore any negative looks, just spruce up your appearance and go forth to enjoy.
An old, long-running relationship could be sparkling back to life. Or a new relationship will come into your life that will put the twinkle back in your eye. Resolve to make your romantic or social life an adventurous experience. There could be some sudden financial gains as well. Though more likely is that you spend too much. Just resist sudden whims and impulses. If you just keep things on an even keel, there won`t be too many problems.