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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Tuesday, April 20, 2021

You stand at a unique crossroads. An important relationship could be in a state of flux. Think about others as well as yourself. Personal glory is yours for the asking, but you can also make the same experience possible for others. The rewards are different, and mutually exclusive. You may find yourself in an escalating cycle of discomfort with normally amicable friends. Forget about who started it, and work toward stopping it now. Say only what you mean, and do so with the greatest sincerity. You are dealing with people who have no time for anything less than the absolute truth.
You are dragged out to sea in a rip tide of deep passions and restless ecstasy. However, becoming overwhelmed with the flood of feeling does not pull you under. This state of being is practically second nature to you now. Don’t fight the murky waters, and don’t lose hope in finding your way. Dreams break through the thin membrane of your imagination and interact with the waking world. Guidance that you are unaware of will lead you to more solid footing. You are what you believe today, so be as kind and gentle to yourself as you would be to a beloved friend.

The world is not going to stop and wait for you to come around -- you learned this lesson so dramatically once before, so there is no reason to go through all that business again. Something is not going to happen just by your lounging around the house and hoping. You need to take bold and direct steps to make things come together. If you express yourself tacitly or poetically, you will probably make better progress. Be part of a lively conversation.
You may go through the actions of all you need to do today, but insecurities creep up on you. Your public reputation -- what others think of you -- may be of greater concern to you today than is usual. Let these worries roll away. There is no need to mess with what others think. You know your situation, and how you deal with it is all that matters. There may also be some unresolved issues around the home. Get to the heart of the matter by scheduling time to have focused discussions.

Friends are there when you need them, ready to lend a hand and a kind word at key moments -- so try not to write anybody off too quickly, Sagittarius. Right now it seems that you are tuned in to the bigger picture and you may seem a bit overwhelmed, perhaps even depressed now and again. But that feeling will soon pass. Don’t be afraid to make your hopes and wishes known or to let others know your opinions on important matters. They will be listening -- as long as you know what you are talking about.
Some brilliant idea hovers on the tip of your tongue but refuses to come out. Others will take charge until you can adequately explain yourself. Let your subconscious do the problem solving, and get on with your life. A misunderstanding with a business or romantic partner could disturb your day. Peace may come faster than you imagine if you can put your ego on the back burner and allow your partner to call the shots this time. There are many ways of winning, and they are not always obvious.

The equation is simple: To attract money, you have to spend money. In order to compete, you must come up with the admission fee. This is a great time to spend, but not just for the sake of getting the newest thing. Buy the things that you need to get what you want or to send you where you want to go. Your purchases will be noted, and your investments will have far-reaching effects on those around you. Be optimistic -- but invest only what you can afford to lose.
You have been playing things rather conservatively for long enough, and the Universe is consequently trying to shake you out of your rut. In fact, it seems that the planets are still willing to cut you a deal: If you are willing to take a risk, they will be there to make sure that you don’t make any bad choices. This all translates as a window of opportunity and a cosmic call for you to do something a little crazy. You most likely will end up in some inspiring and exotic locales.

Communication between equals makes this day shine brightly. Everyone works better when they are not constantly reminded of their place in the food chain. When you speak, Lion, heads will turn, so be sure to be true to your core feelings. The power of your words will start amazing events in motion. Flirtatious conversations or correspondence could easily escalate into a sensuous courtship. Don’t allow flattery to influence your better judgment. Temper your effusive nature by toning up your listening skills. Your best lesson today may come from someone else humanity.
This could be a difficult day for business and romantic partnerships. Excess activity on common ground stirs up a lot of dust today. Don’t begin anything new until everyone is comfortable with the status quo again. Be careful in dealings with your colleagues and loved ones, and take some time to yourself if it looks like feelings might get hurt. Try to figure out your own priorities and be understanding of the needs of others. Remember to keep calm in negotiations, and don’t be afraid of compromise; it may be the best way to come out a winner.

Today you feel as if you are playing a game of Hide and Seek, and you are it. You are very close to finding what you need -- just look a little harder. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your quest for the winning ticket. Your restlessness could start a chain reaction if you make any sudden moves. Before acting, think about those who depend on you. Your mate and extended family members may have very different opinions than you do regarding a change you are thinking about making.
Today is mundane responsibilities make you feel like you are walking on a treadmill to nowhere. Fun and games beckon you off the path. Your day improves when you find a playmate who shares your desire to escape. The secret to success is following your impulses. Make your boring jobs goofy, or play hooky altogether. Invent games, start a club or make funny faces to break out of the doldrums. A little rebellion is a good thing. You are in charge of entertaining yourself. Luckily, you are really good at it.