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Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Saturday, May 15, 2021

Someone may surprise you today when you are least expecting it. Unfortunately, that surprise may not be a pleasant one. A person who is close to you may have been harboring some resentment, and it may bubble to the surface now. Try not to plan too much as you may find yourself on a different course than what you had originally intended. Focusing on yourself and your own problems is the wrong approach now; what you need to do is reach out and help someone else. Taking care of another`s problems can inspire you to do the same in your own life.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. You may find yourself being of assistance to others or you may need help yourself. Be prepared to drop everything and run to the rescue or ask for what you need. Your parents may also be of assistance at this time. Don`t ask for loans or material assistance; the help you need now is emotional. You require a bit of support to enable you to move forward. There are many loving people in your life who can provide you with this support; just figure out who is ready with what you need.

There may be some issues for you today regarding your reputation. Have you been the target of some particularly vicious gossip? Someone may judge you because of incorrect information they have received. Stay alert so that you can clear up misunderstandings as they arise. This situation is complicated by the hectic pace of your life now. It seems that things you must handle come too quickly for you to deal with in your usual calm fashion. This influence will pass, however. Focus on being clear, but save important communication for another day when things won`t be so blurry.
The normal routine may seem boring and stifling, and you may long for something -- anything -- to shake things up. Be prepared for you mind to wander. You may dream of faraway places today. Just make sure the boss doesn`t catch you! If you have the budget to take a trip, it will make you feel more centered if you can get a jump on your plans. Someone close to you is demanding that you give in on some issue. Do it. This person can hold out longer than you, and you`re just going to give in anyway. Acceptance and praise will be your reward if you can bury your ego.

Try to keep secrets to yourself today -- it`s likely that what you tell another will get around no matter what reassurances of privacy you`re given. Even worse, the story will grow and change with every retelling. Listen to your instincts. You know when someone close to you is loyal and when he or she is merely trying to flatter you into revealing the inside scoop. A true friend won`t press you for painful details. Besides, whatever you tell someone else today is likely to provoke an overemotional response; here`s another argument for keeping to yourself.
Others may not be as methodical as you, but if you can work together as a team, you will be impressed with the results. Not only that, but you`ll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. Only by getting together with a motivated group can you accomplish much of anything. You may feel that you have all the necessary skills to complete some task on your own, but you need help in some areas. For one thing, you sometimes lack the foresight and courage to ask influential friends to act on your behalf. Find someone more pushy than you to get results.

Who said routine was boring? Right now, the familiarity of a schedule is comforting, not stifling. There`s something to be said for being able to count on people and things to behave in a certain way. Appreciate the smaller things in life; this attitude will help you find harmony. Tap into your imaginative side; has it been a long time since you picked up a paintbrush or took a turn on the dance floor? Rediscovering an old passion will greatly enrich your current life.
Make sure you plan a leisurely day for yourself and others close to you. Take some time out to do the activities you enjoy the most, particularly if they are activities that can be shared with others. Anything you do in a group today is likely to be successful and lots of fun. You have some hidden talents, which are likely to emerge. Is it a propensity for karaoke? An unexpected flair for drama? Talent at the easel? If you use your imagination and creativity, you will uncover a talent you didn`t know that you had.

You might feel like you`re stuck in a foggy haze today. Never mind -- this time will pass, so choose to do something constructive with this downtime. Warn those around you that you have a tendency to be late and a bit out of it at this time so that they don`t expect much from you. Read a paperback, watch a silly comedy or have coffee with old friends -- lighthearted pursuits make perfect entertainment for you right now. Enjoy this dreamy mood.
An unexpected ally will help you in ways you hadn`t planned on. Great minds think alike! You may click with someone who shares the same opinion as you. Discussions will be an important part of your day, and you may have an intense conversation with your significant other. This conversation may determine whether your relationship will fizzle or thrive, so be sure to clearly communicate your expectations and deepest desires.

You`re provided with boundless possibilities, but be sure to choose wisely, Aquarius. The sooner you divert your restless energy, the lower your chances of getting into trouble. Activity is the best thing to get your mind off of mischievous thoughts. If you have nothing to do at home or around town, turn your attention inward. A good book or fantasy takes you far from this boring world. Rent a movie or go see a play this evening.
It`s time to get out of the rut you`ve been calling your life these past few days, Pisces. Don`t let the world pass you by while you watch from behind the scenes. Explore something completely different, and be sure to bring all your senses along for the ride. You are living the script of the movie you would most like to make. Maybe the experience is too good to share. Invite a friend to go on a wild adventure with you. Throw your cares to the wind as you take off for destinations unknown.